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G3’s construction of an export grain terminal – G3 Terminal Vancouver – at Lynnterm West Gate in the City of North Vancouver, at the Port of Vancouver, is underway. Whenever feasible, G3 will conduct construction activities from Monday to Saturday between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. Working outside of these hours will require separate authorization from the port, and separate notification to surrounding areas.

Initial construction activities will focus on mobilization, demolition of existing buildings, demolition of the existing wharf superstructure (land work only), relocation of underground utilities, and excavations for the concrete foundations. A temporary detour, which will tie in to Harbour Avenue, will be installed in the first few months of construction.

G3 does not anticipate any major impacts to the local community as a result of these initial construction activities. Dust is anticipated to be minimal and will be controlled with water spray. Noise is anticipated to be ambient or below ambient. Construction-related truck traffic is anticipated to be lower than traffic related to the operations of the outgoing tenant.

In advance of construction, G3 held a public information session on Thursday, February 9, 2017. During the session, G3 provided up-to-date project information including the start and major phases of construction, construction mitigations, and progress on certain operational mitigations. G3 further sought input from community members on their preferred methods of communication, during the construction process.

G3’s public information session display boards can be found by clicking the link.

Throughout construction, notifications regarding upcoming activities and expected impacts will be posted on this website and sent via email. You may opt in to notifications by emailing info@g3terminalvancouver.ca. For construction related inquiries, please call (778) 373-3150. For more general G3 Terminal Vancouver inquiries, please call: 1-844-263-2398.