G3 Terminal Vancouver

95 Brooksbank Ave
North Vancouver, BC, V7J 2B8
Toll-Free: 1 (844) 263-2398
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G3 Terminal Vancouver is designed to optimize grain receiving, storage, and shipping throughput operations on Canada’s west coast in North Vancouver. It is an essential conduit for Canadian farmers and marketers to ensure global competitiveness in moving agricultural commodities to world markets, increasing supply chain efficiency and food security, while supporting the Canadian economy. Primary materials handled at the G3 facility include wheat, soybeans, canola, peas, corn (occasionally) and some specialty by-products.

G3 Terminal Vancouver is a next-generation grain export facility and can receive three 150-car trains at a time on its loop tracks, where they unload quickly and return to the Prairies for more. At its dock, G3 Terminal Vancouver’s three ship loaders are setting new standards for rapidly loading vessels.

G3 Community Newsletter

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G3 is proud to operate on the North Shore and believes in supporting the communities in which it operates. G3 is pleased to help support the many incredible initiatives underway in our community and is also a proud member of the North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.

North Vancouver City Parks Stewards Program

G3 contributed $5,000 to the North Vancouver City Park Stewards Program to help restore the City’s parks, natural areas and biodiversity.

City of North Vancouver Fire Department

Since 2017, G3 Terminal Vancouver has provided $78,000 to the City of North Vancouver Fire Department to support the purchase of equipment to benefit the community. The contribution helped to secure a Lucas machine (photo below), an auto compression device that helps with more accurate resuscitation and increases safety for firefighters as well as a Rapid Deployment Boat, personal floatation devices, a thermal imaging camera and a chest compression system to be used at swift water and technical rescue incidents.

Most recently G3 provided an additional $10,000 to support a First Aid/CPR program that will deliver a full Red Cross CPR “C” certified program to grade 10 students attending career and life skills program and a Smoke Alarm Saves Lives Program that identifies high risk properties and educates on benefits of smoke alarms, including distribution of alarms.

Capilano University

G3 has provided $38,500 to Capilano University to fund 20 University One awards for Indigenous students, two student awards, and to sponsor the 2020, 2021, and 2022 We Believe breakfast, empowering women in education.

Lookout Housing + Health Society’s North Shore Housing Centre

G3 committed $10,000 to the North Shore Housing Centre that supported renovations to the North Shore Housing Centre’s kitchen and living-room common areas as well as new technology purchases to help shelter clients stay connected to doctors and other community supports and family.

G3 has committed an additional $5,000 to enhance heat preparedness and a water bottle refill station.

North Shore Streamkeepers

G3 contributed $14,000 with its construction contractor, Peter Kiewit Sons, to the North Shore Stream Keepers to promote the sustainability and enhancement of Lynn Creek.

G3 committed an additional $15,000 to the planning efforts for a major restoration project for the Lynn Estuary. Since the initial enhancement project for Lynn Creek,

G3 has also contributed another $10,000 to support in the development of a more permanent solution to better allow the flow of water and creation of pools for salmon fry to rear safely in Lynn Creek.

Squamish, Tsleil-Waututh (TWN), and Musqueam Nations

G3 has committed $85,000 to education and safety initiatives.

North Shore Rescue Society

G3 contributed $5,000 to help provide support for more life-saving services to residents and visitors of the North Shore.

Polygon Mayor’s Gala

G3 is proud to support and participate in the annual Mayor’s Gala in support of The Polygon Gallery’s Children, Family, and Education Programs.

North Vancouver City Park Stewards

G3 contributed $5,000 to the North Vancouver City Park Stewards Program to help restore the City’s parks, natural areas and biodiversity.

North Vancouver Library

G3 has committed $10,000 to the new North Vancouver Library middle years’ space project and $5,000 to Memory Kit Program to support those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and/or other memory loss, head injuries and/or diseases.

Local 296 Firefighters Charitable Society – Charity Bocce Tournament

G3 sponsored The North Vancouver City Firefighter’s Local 296 Foundation’s “Bocce for Bowen” Tournament matching silent auction donations up to $5,000 with proceeds going to the “Bowen Does That One Day” charity.

Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation

G3 has donated $31,000 to the Lion’s Gate Hospital Foundation to support the construction of a new Medical & Surgical Centre, much needed equipment such as ventilators for the hospital’s dedicated COVID-19 unit and most recently, as seen in the photo below, a transport monitor for ICU patients, as well as supplying key programs to our community.

City of North Vancouver

G3 provided $35,000 to the City of North Vancouver for a tree replacement project to enrich the environment and provide a sight and sound barrier between the community and nearby industrial areas. The city planned to replace the trees removed during the rapid transit related installation of a bike path and bus lane construction project but the additional funding from G3 helped to enhance the project.

North Shore Community Foundation

G3 has committed $15,000 to the North Shore Community Foundation over 3 years.

Harvest Project

G3 has committed to match donations up to $11,500 to support the Harvest Projects’ emergency grocery gift card program.

North Shore Neighbourhood House

G3 has committed $10,000 to support the North Shore Neighbourhood House’s emergency food program.

North Shore Disability Resource Centre

G3 has committed $10,000 to support the purchase of much-needed items for the Independent Living Program.

North Vancouver Museum and Archives

G3 committed $10,000 to the new Museum of North Vancouver which opened in 2021.

Harbourview Park

G3 installed 580 feet of new cedar split rail fencing along the Harbourview Park walking pathway and planted 16 large trees and 48 shrubs on the rebuilt slope, in addition to hydro seeding the rebuilt slope.

Supporting Youth Artists

Olivia George, a young and accomplished artist from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation, had her submission selected as the winner in G3’s Art Call with “Opened Respect”. Olivia received an honourarium of $10,000 for her submission. Three other young artists were shortlisted for their thoughtful and talented submissions and received $1,000 each.

According to Nick Willcox, Terminal Manager, “Olivia’s artwork will help commemorate our opening on the North Shore. Our selection committee chose her inspired art and artist statement to embrace and embody the concepts of respect of the traditional territory of the site and region as well as the importance of environmental stewardship of the land and neighbouring waters.”

Olivia’s artwork will be used on signage and materials at the site to reinforce respect, environmental stewardship and G3’s core values of integrity, collaboration, respect and accountability as these are core to G3 and reflect our operating principles. These values further underpin our commitment to the region including with the Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh nations, as well as employees, suppliers and contractors, and the broader community.

Biography of Olivia George

Olivia George is a Coast Salish artist from Tsleil-Waututh First Nation. Born and raised in North Vancouver, Olivia grew to love art at a young age. Her favoured mediums are acrylic paint on canvas and producing digital designs. After attaining a Graphic Design diploma, she has been able to create multiple designs and logos for clients on the North Shore. A couple major projects were Season Pass designs for Mount Seymour Resort, and medal designs for HSBC Canada Sevens Vancouver. Being a self-taught Coast Salish artist Olivia always strives to represent a story, an animal, a brand, or any special meaning in a creative and honourable way, to the best of her ability.

Artist Statement

A hand can symbolize a blessing, strength, protection, generosity and so much more. In this case the hand is open. Having an open hand to someone shows you have open respect for them and their desires. Together in your honest interaction you both will have an outcome beneficial to all. G3 Terminal Vancouver has acknowledged their site resides on traditional, unceded territory of Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish and Musqueam First Nations. Respectfully showing that they recognize the stewardship of the land and waters that the Nation’s initiate. Not only recognizing, G3 is there to stand together on the environmental journey to always be better.

The design is an open palm print. Open is a symbolism of an open mind, heart and will. As well as a hand to give or to receive. The top four fingers are unified yet different to show one for each nation and others. The nations and those also on the journey, stand in collaboration with one another. Above their main goal of protecting the Air (sun to represent,) Land (mountains,) and water (canoe in water). The thumb is wheat/grain to represent G3’s accountability in the mix. All are stronger together, showcasing the company’s commitment to the region’s environment.